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WARNING! This is not another gimmicky, learn harmonica fast-and-easy course, or a quick study of Blues riffs for jamming. The Harmonica Path is deeply rooted in the fundamentals of music theory and will teach you how to read music right from the start. As such it’s suitable for total beginners or players of any level who want to expand their knowledge and musicianship.


My Story

Hi, I’m Joe Powers, a professional harmonica player from Portland Oregon. I’ve been teaching both diatonic and chromatic harmonica for nearly 20 years and have toured and performed all over the world. Now I want to teach you how to play the harmonica!

I grew up in the pre-YouTube era and primarily taught myself to play from old recordings and books. I developed a good ear and an intuitive style of playing but by high school I soon realized that my friends in the school orchestra and jazz band had learned many things that I had not.


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What students are saying

“Joe Powers is the best harmonica teacher I can imagine. He will challenge you, but with kindness, patience and humor. I can't recommend him enough.” - Gary P.

“Joe is incredibly talented, reliable, patient, kind and a wonderful teacher. I have enjoyed the challenge of learning music and playing my harmonica with his guidance.”  - Melody H.

“Joe took the time to work on the big holes in my playing.  He explained them in a way that made sense and quickly helped me work on those problems. He taught me music theory even though I thought I didn’t need it. He is an excellent instructor and he will definitely teach you in a fun and fast way. - David S.

”Joe is an awesome harmonica teacher! He makes the class extremely fun and productive at the same time. Starting as a total beginner without any musical background, three years later I can play with friends multiple musical genres: jazz, tango and classical!” - Vova S.

“Sometimes with the internet you can go deep in the rabbit hole. Joe truly sets a clear path to success that I have found very beneficial.” - Marty D.

Q & A

How is this different from other harmonica courses?

  • The Harmonica Path focuses on teaching the fundamentals of music theory and reading music, where most programs completely skip over those important aspects.

How long will it take to learn?

  • This depends on your personal goals and how much time you have to dedicate to practicing. The basics can be learned within a month or two, reaching an intermediate level could take half a year or more, and an advanced level could take several years.

Why should I learn to read music?

  • Music is very much like a language. Learning to read deepens your understanding of the art and opens up possibilities to play in many different genres. It also makes learning new songs much easier and faster since you no longer have to rely solely on tablature or playing by ear.

Which harmonicas do you recommend?

  • For beginners on diatonic I recommend the Suzuki Bluesmaster in the key of C, and for chromatic I recommended the Suzuki Chromatix SCX-64.

Do you offer refunds?

  • No, but you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Update - February 17, 2023

There are now 14 progressional lessons for both chromatic and diatonic, a Test Piece section, a module on Harmonica History, 33 instructional videos, 279 exercises, and 18 practice songs.

The beginning level module is now complete! It’s geared toward total beginners and players of any skill level who would like to learn to read music from the start.

The intermediate module (currently under development) is appropriate for players who already have proficiency with the basic techniques and sight-reading in C Major. The intermediate diatonic lessons focuse on the standard draw and blow bends, and expanding the student’s knowledge of music theory and sight-reading. The chromatic course has the same focus except that instead of note bending you’ll use the button to play chromatically.

As the course evolves, I will continue to add content and explore different topics based on the feedback I receive from students, so your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Brief Bio

Harmonica virtuoso, Joe Powers is known for bending and blending genres from jazz to classical, hip-hop to world music, and Argentine Tango. Since gaining a music degree from the University of Oregon he has performed around the world, from Paris to Tokyo and won the Belgian Crystal Harmonica Award/Classical Division in 2008.

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