Harmonica Resources:


Harmonica Tablature Songshttps://www.harptabs.com/
Harmonica reference and self-study book - Harmonica for Dummies
Harmonica mysteries solvedhttp://www.patmissin.com/ffaq/ffaq.HTML
BBC Documentary on Harmonica History - Tin Sandwich Anyone?
The largest harmonica club in the U.S. - http://www.spah.org/
National Harmonica League of the UKhttp://harmonica.co.uk/

Music Practice Apps:

Garage Band - great virtual keyboard(iOS)
Pano tuner - see how in-tune your bent notes are.(iOS/Android)
iReal Pro - generate your own backing-tracks(iOS/Android
Tunable: - metronome app (iOS/Android):
Anytune Pro+ - easily change the speed and key of any song. (iOS/Mac): 
MTP (Music Theory Pro) - test and improve your music theory skills. (iOS)
Good Notes - annotate PDFs, great for sheet music! (iOS)
Scanner Pro - document scanner, great for sheet music! (iOS)
See Music - practice sight-reading music (iOS)
Symphony Pro - music notation software (iOS)

Android Only:

Music Speed Changer - easily change the speed and key of any song.(Android)
Perfect Ear - Ear and music theory exercises. (Android)

Harmonicas & Sound Equipment:

Suzuki Sirius S-64 - Joe’s preferred chromatic.
Suzuki Pure Harp MR-550 - Joe’s preferred diatonic.

BlowsMeAway "Ultimate 57"- Joe’s preferred dynamic microphone.

Wireless Mic System
XVive U3 - Joe’s preferred wireless system.

Digital effects
TC Helicon Mic Mechanic 2 - Joe’s preferred reverb pedal.