Tango duo with Naoko Aoki

Harmonica virtuoso Joe Powers and pianist, composer, arranger Naoko Aoki, have been electrifying audiences around the world from Paris to Tokyo, and San Francisco to Buenos Aires where they met in 2007. Powers has been featured with Electro-Tango bands: Otros Aires, Tanghetto, and Narcotango and has collaborated with renowned maestros including; Nicolás Ledesma, Emilio de la Peña, Horacio Cabarcos, Raúl Luzzi, and Pablo Motta. Aoki is the director of Japan’s premier Tango ensemble, "Orquesta Aurora" and served as the principal pianist for over two years at "La Orquesta Escuela Emilio Balcarce” in Buenos Aires.  In 2014 the duo released their first joint CD called “Jacaranda En Flor”. Their vast repertoire includes traditional Argentine Tango for dancing, Nuevo Tango/Piazzolla, and their own original compositions. More information at and